Sacramentum - Far Away From The Sun

Κωδικός: PC491
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε απόθεμα

SACRAMENTUM’s fantastic 1996 debut album “Far Away From The Sun” - finally available on vinyl again! This new edition of the Swedish Black/Death Metal masterpiece has been newly re-mastered for vinyl by legendary producer Dan Swanö and both the LP and the new CD version feature an unreleased bonus track, a great sounding 1996 demo version of the song “Awaken Chaos” which later appeared on their 2nd album “The Coming Of Chaos” (1997). The 6 page LP booklet features new artwork, rare photos and liner notes by journalist Olivier Zoltar Badin (Terrorizer Mag).

Μονό Μαύρο Βινύλιο + Ένθετο.

Συγκρότημα: Sacramentum
Είδος Μουσικής: Black Metal, Death Metal
Εταιρεία: Century Media