Thulcandra - A Dying Wish

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Titled A Dying Wish, the new from the German black metal band is the long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s Ascension Lost and is release via Napalm Records. The new album is full of eerie cold melodies, ice-cold vibes and an over the top production by Swedish legend Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios! Within the first album in five years Thulcandra celebrates the essence of pure black & death metal, adorned with more twin guitars, blast beats and filthy arrangements than ever.

Μονό Μαύρο Βινύλιο.


1. Funeral Pyre

2. Scarred Grandeur

3. Orchard of Grievance

4. In Vain

5. Nocturnal Heresy

6. The Slivering Silver

7. In Bleak Misery

8. A Shining Abyss

9. Devouring Darkness

10. A Dying Wish

Band: Thulcandra
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Napalm Records