About us

Vinylstore.gr has become a hotspot for all independent music lovers who enjoy analog sound and older formats as much as we do. For most people, vinyl records are already considered to be vintage, cassettes have a retro appeal and CDs follow this path as well. When everyone is talking about the revival of older media, Vinylstore.gr is here to bring you closer to the warm “noise” of a vinyl record, the whirring sound of the cassette tape and the more refined sound of a CD.

We offer rock and metal music, hip hop, soul, electronica, new and classical jazz, global and experimental music, and everything else you could think of, in cassettes, CDs and LP vinyl records; everything is original and authentic. We take pride in being something more than a record website; we are a 21st century music store and, along with our customers, a meeting place for those who still think in 33 1/3 or 45 revolutions per minute.

At a time when huge chain stores eliminated most individual music stores, we are still humble and grateful for your support and we turn your need for a collection more personalized than standard playlists into a priority.