Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses

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Norwegian progressive metal band GREEN CARNATION have released the 15th anniversary edition of their 2006 album, “The Acoustic Verses.” This anniversary edition, remastered by Maor Appelbaum,  contains three bonus tracks and has brand new cover artwork by Lukasz Jaszak. This is the first time that “The Acoustic Verses” is released on vinyl.

CD Digipak.


1. Sweet Leaf

2. The Burden is Mine… Alone

3. Maybe?

4. Child’s Play, part 3

5. Alone

6. 9-29-045

7. Six Ribbons

8. Transparent Me

9. High Tide Waves

10. Child’s Play, part 3 (live version)

Band: Green Carnation
Music Genre: Progressive Metal
Company: Season Of Mist