Sarke - Allsighr (Coloured, White Marbled)

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In their long awaited 7th full-length, entitled "Allsighr", pioneering extreme Norwegian metal act SARKE continue to exploit their unusual mix of 70`s rock, 80`s speed metal and 90`s black metal, resulting in an album full of heavy-rocking and groovy metal while not forgetting the unique psychedelic, doomy and dwelling passages. A monster of an album by a beast of a line-up!

White Marbled Vinyl.


1. Bleak Reflections

2. Grim Awakening

3. Funeral Fire

4. Allsighr

5. Beheading Of The Circus Director

6. Through The Thorns

7. Glacial Casket

8. Sleep In Fear

9. The Reverberation Of The Lost

10. Imprisoned

Band: Sarke
Music Genre: Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Company: Soulseller Records