Portrait - At One With None

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Particularly with the creation of their previous and fourth studio LP in 2017’s “Burn The World,” a more drawn out and epic approach to songwriting has emerged alongside a heavier and more modernized aesthetic to further separate this now four-piece outfit from the multiplicity of King Diamond-emulators, and 2021’s “At One With None” sees this evolutionary process continue. Drawing heavily from the themes of spirituality, philosophy and rebellion, Portrait paint with a broad brush both musically and lyrically, delivering up a collection of elaborate compositions that broaden the definition of heavy metal quite effectively. “At One With None” is a welcome deviation from the norm, and a solid offering from an outfit that has clearly stepped into their own.

Box Set Limited to 500 Units.


- "At One With None" gatefold Vinyl

- Black Bonus 7" EP

- Back Patch

- Art Print

- Signed Photo Card


1. At One With None

2. Curtains (The Dumb Supper)

3. Phantom Fathomer

4. He Who Stands

5. Ashen

6. A Murder Of Crows

7. Shadowless

8. The Gallow’s Crossing

Band: Portrait
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Company: Metal Blade Records