Aherusia - Bacchus ~ Epiphanies Of The Crazy God

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AHERUSIA return with their 5th studio album titled "Bacchus~Epiphanies Of The Crazy God".
"Bacchous ~Epiphanies Of The Crazy God" is a journeying, sorrowful, reverent, fearless and revolutionary work. 
Loyal to their folk metal/post black pursuits AHERUSIA create, based in musical paths and ways found in the Near East. Musical motifs of Greek folk music also appear in the material to be deconstructed and create something new afterwards. The rhythm section was drawn from paroxysmal motifs, the dithyramb, the Pontic firedance, the ecstatic rhythms of the "anastenaria", the rhythms of the road, the Zeibeckico/aptalico. Fibonacci rhythmic sequences accompany melodies that coexist at the exact same time, creating a new melody while keeping their sonic identity clear.
Bacchus/Zagreas/Dionysus, in this merry-go-round of symbolism that governs his myths, is a god who is not afraid to follow the mortal path -a god persecuted from everywhere: by every power, by every fearful tyrant. He is a god who exalts human nature, taking for granted the equality of the sexes (whatever they eventually turn out to be as a basis for self-definition). 
For this mad god, it is unthinkable that people should be deprived of food, education and joy. They are given in abundance for all, if the contradictions and obstacles, which our fear has created, are set aside. 
His message is a message that breaks the cycle of violence. The methexis with him is orgiastic and thunderous as is this unfathomable truth. The ecstasy he offers is paroxysmal because it simply goes beyond the artificial limits of the laws of this modern "proper" society and state. He is mad because even in his unrestrained rebelliousness he asks and seeks composition, convocation, forgiveness. What could be more relevant than such a message today? What is more necessary?
This disc is addressed to every person who starts the revolution in small things and follows this path without considering the interest or the cost. This album talks about the hero we need so much today. The hero who is so alone by his choices, the hero that we can each forge in ourselves, so that at last one day something will change.
2CD (contains the disc in two performances. One with brutal vocals and one with clean)

1. Wingless Through You Fly
2. A Sacrifice That Matters
3. The Reckoning
4. Rapture
5. I Roamed Alone
6. Rise And Raise Valor
7. Sun Of Hades

Band: Aherusia
Music Genre: Black Metal, Folk Metal
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