Battleroar - Battleroar

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"Pure metal holocaust".

That's the phrase that comes in mind when listening to a European epic / power metal masterpiece such as Battleroar's debut self-titled album. In the veins of European epic metal pioneers, such as Omen, Brocas Helm and Manilla Road, this album is now considered to be a landmark of the Greek metal scene to say the least, which only makes sense, if you consider its combination of powerful songwriting and a solid sound production.

Featuring Battleroar's legendary founding line-up, as well as a guest appearance of Omen's Kenny Powel, "Battleroar" is considered by many the most mature and complete Greek traditional heavy metal album of all times and this is why it's highly recommended to all fans of the genre, as well as to he ones that need to be introduced to the magnificent Mediterranean metal scene.

Remastered by George Nerantzis and re-released in black (200 copies) and green transparent vinyl (100 copies), together with an exclusive full color cover artwork T-shirt.

Black Vinyl.

Band: Battleroar
Music Genre: Epic Metal, Power Metal
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