Forbidden Seed - On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. I

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Steel Gallery Records presents the return of Heavy/Power Metallers FORBIDDEN SEED with their third full length: “On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. Ι.

CD Jewel Case.


1. Awakening

2. On Feathered Wings

3. I Am

4. Murderers Among Us

5. Clown

6. Paint Your Face

7. Victims Aren’t We All

8. Greed (feat. Dimitris Goutziamanis)

9. Paths Of The Shadows

10. Bound

11. Dancing Shadows (feat. Angelos Gerogiannis)

12. Beyond The Doors Of Sleep (feat. Ruby Bouzioti)

13. I Do Care

14. Death Is Coming

15. Mother (A Word For God) (feat. Kosta Vreto)

16. Till Death Do Us Part (Requiem)

Band: Forbidden Seed
Music Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Company: Steel Gallery Records