R.U.S.T.X. - Center Of The Universe (Coloured, Cyan)

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Enthusiastic and passionate about everything R.U.S.T.X do, their upcoming 3rd album "Center Of The Universe" will unquestionably convince old school lovers that they do mean serious business. The band’s outstanding positive energy and originality are accurately reflected by each of the album’s 8 magnificent songs and so are the band’s influences which are deeply rooted into 70s and 80s rock and metal icons.
Μονό Κυανί Βινύλιο


1.Running Man
2.Black Heart
3.I Stand to Live
4.Center of the Universe
5.Defendre Le Rock
6.Endless Skies
7.Widow’s Cry
8.Wake Up

Band: R.U.S.T.X.
Music Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Company: Pitch Black Records