Vous Autres - Champ Du Sang (Coloured, Red Marbled)

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Originally released in 2019, "Champ Du Sang" is the powerful and transcendental first album by post black metallers Vous Autres. Now finally available on vinyl! Always summoning the darkest and most sublime melody through its rooted despair, the duo battles with its own demons alongside powerful riffs and breakdowns that resonate with the tramp of the marching feet of a thousand-men army, ready to engage in a one-way fight against their enemy. For fans of Blut Aus Nord, Celeste, Amenra.

Gatefold Double Red, White, Black Marbled Vinyl.


1. Sans Lendemain

2. Pauvre Animal, Simple Pantin

3. En Souffrance Devant Dieu

4. Vos Erreurs Consternantes

5. Tes Jours Passés

6. Vers Ce Ciel Noir

7. Le Gouffre Est Devant

8. La Tristesse De Tes Déboires

9. Une Dernière Fois

Band: Vous Autres
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Season Of Mist