Crusher - Corporal Punishment

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Crusher’s debut is a history printed on vinyl. In terms of intentions and driving evolution, the French Metal scene was never the same after that. This great country has given birth to so many huge bands like Sortilege, ADX, Blaspheme and many more but the extreme sound was kinda like walking on the sidewalks. "Corporal Punishment" changed this stereotype once and for all. With great intensity, excellent passion and talent more than obvious even to unfamiliar with extreme genres fans, Crusher's debut album is both effective and addictive in terms of brutality, energy and songwriting. This particular re-issue features an amazing re-designed artwork by Greece's finest Giannis "Remedy Art" Nakos and it's a must have for all extreme metal aficionados.

Black Vinyl.


1. Collective Hypnosis

2. Corporal Punishment

3. Fury Settles

4. Sense Of Powerlessness

5. All For A Holy Cause

6. Adventure For Sale

7. Action Speaks Louder Than Words

8. Infanticide

9. Immigrant Exploitation

10. Profit Of A Billion Deaths

11. Modernism Keeps Killing

Band: Crusher
Music Genre: Death Metal
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