Various - A Crack in the Sky – A Tribute to William J Tsamis

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Titled “A Crack in the Sky – A Tribute to William J Tsamis” the official tribute to the late William J Tsamis (March 13, 1961 – May 13, 2021) is scheduled for release on May 13 2022, the one-year anniversary of his passing. A true hero of the heavy metal underground and beyond, guitarist and composer William J Tsamis released some of the most unique and brutally honest heavy metal records of the 1990s, with heavy metal pioneers Warlord. “A Crack in the Sky” features brand new recordings of timeless classics, exceptionally covered by 16 outstanding bands, hailing from different parts of the world.

Double Black Vinyl.


1. Mirror - Aliens

2. Sumerlands - Lost and Lonely Days

3. Stray Gods - War in Heaven

4. Twisted Tower Dire – Mrs. Victoria

5. Claymorean - 70,000 Sorrows

6. Eternal Champion - Stygian Passage

7. Arrayan Path (feat. Paolo Viani) - The Rainbow

8. Forsaken - Lucifer's Hammer

9. Firewolfe - Battle of the Living Dead

10. Steel Shock - Child of the Damned

11. Solitary Sabred - Black Mass

12. Wotan - Winds of Thor

13. Reflection - Winter Tears

14. Galaxy - Penny for a Poor Man

15. Comet Rider - Soliloquy

16. Socrates Leptos - A Crack in the Sky (Outro)

Band: Various
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Company: Pitch Black Records, Vinylstore