Illusory - The Crimson Wreath

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Illusory from Athens is proud to release a record consisting of 78 minutes of music, which has already been gaining massive acclaim by the Press and fans, locally and abroad. "Crimson Wreath" is considered as Illusory’s most mature and complete work, comprising of fourteen songs, showcasing the Ivories’ songwriting and arranging dexterities as well as advanced performing skills. Heavy duty production, mixing and mastering, once again in and by Matrix Recording Studio, Athens, proved that this unique sound can be achieved when the band teams up with producer extraordinaire and practically the seventh member of Illusory, Yiannis Petroyiannis. With three singles/videos released up to date and a fourth one on its way, ILLUSORY’s brand new album is the very definition of hard work in pure music terms.

Double Black Vinyl.


1. Besetting Sins

2. Acedia

3. Crimson Wreath

4. Immortal No

5. All Shall Fade

6. All Blood Red

7. The Voice Inside Me

8. S.T. Forsaken

9. Ashes to Dust

10. A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme

11. An Opus of Loss and Sorrow:Pedestal I: Past Forever Last

12. An Opus of Loss and Sorrow:Pedestal II: The Isle of Shadows

13. An Opus of Loss and Sorrow:Pedestal III: Agony’s Last

14. Fortress of Sadness

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Band: Illusory
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
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