Exhumation - Dance Across The Past

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Exhumation is the band that made Greece famous abroad in the late 90's for its high quality melodic death metal export. It is also the act that represented Thessaloniki as a member of a growing music scene in an international level, given the fact that it was one of the first ones that recorded their albums, beyond the borders of the small Mediterranean country. After decades of silence, Exhumation get back in action for a reunion with their die-hard fans. In collaboration with Made of Stone Recordings they re-release two of their most important albums, "Traumaticon" and "Dance Across The Past" for the first time in limited coloured vinyl editions.

Black Vinyl.


1. Images Of Our Extinction

2. Withered Sky

3. Dance Across The Past

4. The Slender Light

5. Moonless Night

6. Regrettable Remains

7. Sin

8. My Depression

9. Territory

Band: Exhumation
Music Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Company: Made of Stone Recordings