Gehennah - Decibel Rebel (Coloured, Red)

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Look out, rock and roll children, because the gods of mean and dirty street metal have returned with their third full length album. Gehennah has been called the drinking mans metal band and its a suitable description with music that basically is a heavier version of Venom. Decibel Rebel is the first of the Gehennah albums that have been recorded in a professional studio but its still very much Gehennah with its raw, dirty and slightly sloppy metal. The lyrics is still very fun. Check out tracks like Beat That Poser Down, I Fucked Your Mum and We Love Alcohol. Sit back and open a can of beer and enjoy this album

Red Marbled Vinyl.


1. Beat That Poser Down

2. Six Pack Queen

3. Hungover

4. Decibel Rebel

5. Hellhole Bar

6. Get Out Of My Way

7. Under The Table Again

8. Street Metal Gangfighters

9. Rocking Through The Kill

10. 666, Drunks & Rock’n’Roll

11. I Fucked Your Mum

12. We Love Alcohol

13. Reaper-Bathory cover

Band: Gehennah
Music Genre: Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Company: Osmose Productions