Necromantia - To The Depths We Descend… (A5 Digipak)

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Necromantia will release one last opus as a tribute to Baron Blood! The title is "To the Depths we Descend…" and it will contain 6 new songs and 2 re-recordings of the classics "Lord of the Abyss" and "The Warlock". Several past members have contributed in this one, along with friends of the band and Baron Blood. It is the band's farewell and it's scheduled for release in November.

A5 Digipak CD.

Limited edition (1500 units).

Featuring bonus track + poster + printed partiture.


1. Daemonocentric

2. And The Shadows Wept

3. Give The Devil His Due

4. Inferno

5. Eldritch

6. To The Depths We Descend

7. Lord Of The Abyss MMXXI

8. The Warlock MMXXI

9. Faceless Gods MMXXI (Bonus Track)

Band: Necromantia
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Circle Music