Astarte - Doomed Dark Years

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Re-release of the classic album of Astarte, for the first time on vinyl.

Black Vinyl + Inlay with Lyrics.

Limited Edition (400 Units - 200 Black).


1. Passage To Eternity (Prelude)

2. Voyage To Eternal Life

3. Thorns Of Charon (Pt I) - Astarte's Call

4. Doomed Dark Years

5. Thorns Of Charon (Pt II) - (Emerge From Hades)

6. Thorns Of Charon (Pt III) - (Pathway To Unlight)

7. Empress Of The Shadow Land

8. The Rise Of Metropolis

9. Intro

10. The Offering

11. Empress Of The Shadowland

Band: Astarte
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Floga Records