Trivium - Ember To Inferno (Coloured, Orange)

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Florida metallers TRIVIUM have spent the past decade-plus building their reputation and steadily rising to prominence, becoming one of the main torchbearers of heavy metal in the modern era. With millions of albums sold globally and numerous world tours (from Ozzfest, Mayhem and Download to opening for METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH, and IRON MAIDEN to extensive headline treks), TRIVIUM began their journey in 2003 with their debut album, "Ember To Inferno" which has been out of print and hard-to-find for several years.

Gatefold Double Orange - Black Marbled Vinyl.


1. Inception The Bleeding Skies

2. Pillars Of Serpents

3. If I Could Collapse The Masses

4. Fugue (A Revelation)

5. Requiem

6. Ember To Inferno

7. Ashes

8. To Burn The Eye

9. Falling To Grey

10. My Hatred

11. When All Light Dies

12. A View Of Burning Empires

Band: Trivium
Music Genre: Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Thrash Metal
Company: V2