The Prodigy - Day is my Enemy

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Prodigys 6th full length album takes you on a journey through the unchartered underbelly of urban nightlife where anger is an ever-present energy lurking just beneath the surface of an edgy calm. The Prodigy have always cut a solitary path through the noise-scapes of electronic dance music. They’ve dropped five epoch defining studio albums, including 2009’s world dominating Invaders Must Die, and delivered unforgettable live performances that have taken electronic beats into unchartered territories. The album comes as a limited edition 3LP set which includes the album pressed across three 45rpm coloured vinyl records (red, yellow, black). The records sit in a lift-off lid box which also comes with a 12-inch lenticular print of the album cover and a massive (36″ x 24″) double sided poster.

Triple Coloured Vinyl in Box.


1. The Day Is My Enemy (featuring Martina Topley-Bird)

2. Nasty

3. Rebel Radio

4. Ibiza (featuring Sleaford Mods)

5. Destroy

6. Wild Frontier

7. Rok-Weiler

8. Beyond the Deathray

9. Rhythm Bomb (featuring Flux Pavilion)

10. Roadblox

11. Get Your Fight On

12. Medicine

13. Invisible Sun

14. Wall of Death

Band: The Prodigy
Music Genre: Electronic
Company: V2