Necromantia - Epitaph: The Complete Worx (9 LP Special Box)

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Availability Date: 10/31/2022
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A black luxurious box embossed with gold including for the first time the complete recordings of the legendary band on 180g vinyls, fully remastered and with special new cover art of nine daemonic entities representing their abysmal music.


- 9 vinyls (180 gr, 3 x Black, 3 x Red, 3 x Gold) with the seal of every daemon embossed in gold

- Printed inserts

- 9 posters (30cm x 30cm, suitable for framing)  of high quality parchment paper of each of the covers wrapped in a black cardboard sleeve bearing the band's insignia

- Certificate of authenticity signed by The Magus himself


- The Utter Darkness (Promo '90)

- Black Arts (split with Varathron)

- Crossing The Fiery Path

- Scarlet Evil., Witching Black

- Ancient Pride

- IV: Malice

- The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven

- The Serpent Skull (split with Acherontas plus the covers from "Covering Evil")

- To The Depths We Descend

Band: Necromantia
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: The Circle Music