- Eschaton

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Eschaton is the third studio album by British extreme metal band Anaal Nathrakh. Musically, the album continues in the vein of the previous album, Domine Non Es Dignus. Some reviewers have commented that the overall atmosphere and production are at the same time a step back towards the out-and-out ferocity of the band's debut. The album features guest appearances by Shane Embury (Embryonymous) on bass, and Attila Csihar (from Mayhem) performs vocals on "Regression to the Mean".

Black Vinyl.


1. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

2. Between Shit and Piss We Are Born

3. Timewave Zero

4. The Destroying Angel

5. Waiting for the Barbarians

6. The Yellow King

7. When the Lion Devours Both Dragon and Child

8. The Necrogeddon

9. Regression to the Mean

Music Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore
Company: Floga Records