Head Cleaner - The Extreme Sound Of Truth

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Head Cleaner are back with their new album titled "The Extreme Sound Of Truth". The album will be released on 08 September 2023 on vinyl, CD and cassette from Vinylstore.
Produced By Head Cleaner
Recorded by Theodosis Vlachos And Simos Lazaridis At Sklerotik Lab Studio in Thessaloniki.
Mixed By Simos Lazaridis
Mastered by BRI DOOM at Black Cloud Studios in England.

1. Cold Machines
2. System Of Perversity
3. Bread And Circuses
4. Mass Production Dream
5. Among The Living Dead
6. Call Me Uncivilized
7. 7 Sisters
8. Not Like All Of You
9. Pathetic Champions
10. For Tomorrow's Lesson
11. Nothing But The Truth
Band: Head Cleaner
Music Genre: Death Metal, Grindcore
Company: Vinylstore