OSI - Free (Coloured, Green)

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The 2006 release of the "Free" album was a revelation of sorts, as the duo of Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos took the ambitious sounds of progressive rock and molded them into a home-spun brand of art rock full of eclectic and uncompromising sounds. An outpouring of support from the metal, alternative, and art rock scenes would follow, with O.S.I. tapping into a vein rarely traveled by two veterans of the prog metal scene. "Free" furthers the sonic ambitions of a duo that has only scratched the surface of its capabilities.

Double Clear-Green Marbled Vinyl.

Limited Edition (300 units).


1. Sure You Will

2. Free

3. Go

4. All Gone Now

5. Home Was Good

6. Bigger Wave

7. Kicking

8. Better

9. Simple Life

10. Once

11. Our Town

12. OSIdea 9 (bonus track)

13. Set It On Fire (bonus track)

14. Communicant (bonus track)

15. When You’re Ready [Demo] (bonus track)

16. Remain Calm (bonus track)

17. Old War (bonus track)

Band: OSI
Music Genre: Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock
Company: Metal Blade Records