Ephemeral - From Our Deepest Nightmares

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Amazing newcoming melodic death metal act from Thessaloniki, Greece, are releasing their debut album (second release in total, including their debut EP) in CD format via vinylstore.gr. This amazing piece of modern extreme metal music features guest appearances by Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall), Angel Wolf-Black (SheWolf) and José Guardado (Aetherevm).

CD Jewel Case.


1. Agony

2. The Aftermath

3. Your Own Shelter

4. Between The Buried And Me

5. Till The End of World

6. Astral Ballet

7. Remnants

8. All Men Lie, All Men Die

9. Darkness & Decay

Band: Ephemeral
Music Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Company: Vinylstore