Batushka - Hospodi (Coloured, Orange Marbled)

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Bartłomiej Krysiuk’s Batushka (the one of the two Batushkas [sic] after the split of the original band), returned in action in 2019 with this much-anticipated record, after the wordwide success of the critically acclaimed debut album “Liturgiya”. Sacral elements inspired by Eastern Orthodox Liturgy are once again successfully combined with atmospheric black metal, creating a unique occult-ish vibe, with an even more straightforward attitude than the aforementioned debut. If you like your metal dark, atmospheric and with tons of chants, then this album will definitely speak to your heart.

Double Red, Orange Marbled Vinyl


1. Wozglas

2. Dziewiatyj Czas

3. Wieczernia

4. Powieczerje

5. Polunosznica

6. Utrenia

7. Pierwyj Czas

8. Tretij Czas

9. Szestoj Czas

10. Liturgiya

11. Etching (bonus tracks)

Band: Batushka
Music Genre: Black Metal, Doom Metal
Company: Metal Blade Records