Death - Human

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Human is the fourth studio album by American death metal band Death, released on October 22, 1991, by Relativity Records. The album marked the beginning of a major stylistic change for Death, being more technically complex and progressive than the band's previous efforts. The lyrics are more introspective when compared to the gore-based lyrics of Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy or the social commentary on Spiritual Healing. This new style would continue to evolve on all following Death albums. This is the only album to feature Cynic members Paul Masvidal on guitars and Sean Reinert on drums, both only 20 at that time, and the first to feature bassist Steve DiGiorgio.

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1. Flattening of Emotions

2. Suicide Machine

3. Together as One

4. Secret Face

5. Lack of Comprehension

6. See Through Dreams

7. Cosmic Sea (instrumental)

8. Vacant Planets


1. Flattening of emotions

2. Suicide machine

3. Together as one

4. Secret face

5. Secret face [Part 2]

6. Lack of comprehension

7. Felt good (Studio Snippet)

8. See Through Dreams

9. See through dreams [Part 2]

10. Vacant planets

11. Cosmic sea

12. Cosmic sea [Part 2]

13. God of thunder

14. Flattening of emotions

15. Lack of comprehension

16. Suicide machine

17. Together as one

18. See Through Dreams

19. Secret face (Instrumental)

20. Vacant planets (Instrumental)

Band: Death
Music Genre: Death Metal
Company: Relapse Records