In The Shadow Of The Beast: Live.

In The Shadow Of The Beast: Live.

There are bands whose slightest release, whether it is live or studio, is welcomed by fans of hard sound everywhere with waves of excitement. When we are talking about the biggest Heavy Metal band in idiom history, then it definitely needs further reference and tributes.

We are referring to no one else but the British Beast, IRON MAIDEN, who will release their new live album on November 20. This, of course, is not the first time that IRON MAIDEN offers to its audience and to the ubiquitous friends of NWOBHM and not only them, something similar. The story of the "live" albums for IRON MAIDEN, goes back in time, when 35 years ago, on October 14, 1985, they decided to release in audio and video (videotape, that's how it was then!), the until then longer in duration (on the road for about a year and a half) tour in support of their then new album, "Powerslave" (yes, "Live !! + one" and "Maiden Japan" have preceded but they are EPs). 

The World Slavery Tour, was something impressive for those years, since it really preceded its time, to this day it remains a really huge production. And what it did not include, from lights and fires to constant alternations in the background of the scene with various themes parading, an Eddie mummy stealing some of the Beast's glory on stage and his huge ”brother” emerging through a funeral pharaonic mask... All this, the huge success of the tour, the universal acceptance of the people, led to the release of "Live After Death" (for many, to this day, one of the best lives ever released). This was only the beginning of course for the live recordings of IRON MAIDEN, since then until today there are already have released twelve live albums and thirteen live videos. It would not be an exaggeration to say that together with "Priest ... Live!" 1987, along with the other British giants JUDAS PRIEST, paved the way for the entire Heavy Metal scene to produce similar releases.

In which of the live albums of the Beast that followed one stands. Certainly not to mention "Maiden England", part of the Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour, would be a mistake. A tour that promoted, by many, IRON MAIDEN's best album, the monumental "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son". Recorded in Birmingham, England, on November 27 and 28, 1988, shot with the use of ten cameras and directed by Steve Harris himself, it takes us to the icy heart of the ice they choose as the setting for this tour and of course they reference on the amazing cover of "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" by the great Derek Riggs. This tour passed, of course, from Greece, to the first visit of the Beast to our country, the first band of this size, to its absolute prosperity, which honored us with its presence. A lot could be written about this concert, however we will only dwell on the fact that it is a medal for those who were lucky enough to attend it and that, probably says a lot by itself.

Arriving in 1992, and specifically on August 22 of that year, MAIDEN, participate as headliners in the festival Monsters Of Rock, in the now famous to the ubiquitous friends of Metal, Donington Castle, promoting their album "Fear Of The Dark". The album that was to close the first cycle of the presence of the great Bruce Dickinson behind the microphone of IRON MAIDEN. "Be Quick Or Be Dead", the absolute panic of the approximately 80,000 followers of the Beast, who sits comfortably on the Throne of it’s absolute dominion in the genre. The tracklist is unique, IRON MAIDEN are fantastic, but the surprise comes at the end, when almost prophetically, a third guitar appears on stage. The unique Adrian Smith joins for one and only song, "Running Free", with his old collaborators. Such a special picture then and such a wonderful reality today. On live albums, this is the last time Bruce is with the rest of MAIDEN. In their live videos, however, the ending comes with "Raising Hell", a concert in which the scenes are horror scenes and features Simon Drake, a "magician" who performs various magic tricks before finally “execute” Dickinson locking him in an Iron Maiden.

The Stone Age begins for the Beast. Its dominance is no longer unquestionable. The fans of the band have been divided into pieces, devaluing them to a certain extent. The year is now 1999. Like a thunderbolt in the air, the great news bursts through the publications and the radio stations. The dream of the ubiquitous MAIDEN fans comes true in the best possible way. Bruce Dickinson agrees with the band and returns to base. But not only him. Adrian Smith also returns to the ranks of Iron Maiden, who as a group of six, after a best of tour, promoting their video game "Ed Hunter", enters the studio for their next job. In 2000, "Brave New World" is released and the rest is history. But in concert, what does that mean? But of course a return to the arenas, a return to the position they deserve and of course the release of another live album. Recorded at the Rock In Rio Festival in Brazil, The Beast's “Rock In Rio” live album was released on March 25, 2002, making the day a triple celebration. 250,000 (rumors want to exceed 300,000) of ecstatic people deify the British six. Tracks from the Blaze era are uncomplicatedly interpreted (and take off) by the voice of the Beast, and the three guitars, especially live, give a tremendous deepness to the songs.

"BBC Archives", "Beast over Hammersmith", "Flight 666" (in the form of a documentary and the participation of the "private aircraft" of MAIDEN under the name "Ed Force One" paraphrasing the name of the US Presidential aircraft, "Air Force One ", and the versatile Bruce as the pilot)," En Vivo! "," Maiden England '88 "(re-release of the legendary live)," The Book of Souls: Live Chapter "follow to get us to today. Today where IRON MAIDEN once again plowed the planet. This time, offering the world the biggest production they could get on the road. A production that was praised everywhere. Press, media, electronic and not. A production that includes the scenes of a cathedral, a legendary Spitfire almost in real size, many changes in the background, an incredible tracklist and many other goodies that one will discover or experience again in a few days. More than a hundred minutes of music, recorded in three consecutive sold out concerts, in September 2019 in Mexico City, will be released on November 20 under the title "Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live in Mexico City". If one was not lucky enough to watch the Legacy Of The Beast Tour when it passed through Greece in 2018, leaving everyone with their mouths open, this is their chance. Even for those who watched this spectacle live then, is it one time, even enough for something like that?

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