Septicflesh - Infernus Sinfonica [3LPs + DVD]

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3 LPs and DVD featuring the live recording of SEPTICFLESH’s once in a lifetime 2019 show accompanied by the Toluca Philharmonica Orchestra in Mexico. Packed in deluxe gatefolded with booklet.

3 LPs + DVD Gatefold.


1. Intro

2. Portrait of a Headless Man

3. Martyr

4. Prototype

5. The Pyramid God

6. The Enemy of Truth

7. Communion

8. The Vampire from Nazareth

9. Dogma of Prometheus

10. Lovecraft's Death

11. Dante's Inferno

12. Persepolis

13. A Great Mass of Death

14. Anubis

15. Dark Art

Band: Septicflesh
Music Genre: Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal
Company: Season Of Mist