Black Soul Horde - Land Of Demise

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It’s been a good 5 years since the last release from Greek heavy metal act Black Soul Horde. It’s been a challenge completing an album amidst a global pandemic and a violent and abrupt change in everyone’s lives, but this decline of ideals, ethics and human rights, as well as the constant reminder that we are head on for an unprecedented collision fed the band’s vision and fueled their lyrics. The end result is the natural evolvement of Black Soul Horde’s music as well as of their sound and approach to its production. Darker, heavier and more musically intelligent, “Land of Demise” features some of the band’s best songwriting and performances to date and singlehandedly raises the standards of the Greek heavy metal scene a little more.

Red Cassette.

Limited Edition (100 Units).


1. Stone Giants

2. Into the Badlands

3. A Neverending Journey

4. Troops of the Damned

5. Souldhips

6. The Frail and the Weak

7. Lord of all Darkness

8. Iron Will

Band: Black Soul Horde
Music Genre: Epic Metal, Heavy Metal
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