Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets

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After a couple of eventful years, Night In Gales finally return with a new album. Together with returning vocalist Christian Müller who appeared on their early works “Sylphlike” (1995) and “Razor” (1996), the melodic death metal five-piece returns to its roots and experiences a process of rejuvenation. “The Last Sunsets” unleashes wild death metal with haunting melodies that evokes the early days of the melodic death metal genre.

Gatefold Black Vinyl.


1. The Last Sunsets

2. Dark Millenium

3. The Mortal Soul

4. The Passing

5. Architects Of Tyranny

6. The Abyss

7. The Spears Within

8. Circle Of Degeneration

9. Kingdom Of The Lost

10. Cessation

11. In Pain, In Silence

12. Dust And Form

Band: Night In Gales
Music Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Company: Season Of Mist