Nightfall - Macabre Sunsets

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Re-issue of Nightfall sophomore record ‘Macabre Sunset’. Comprising the holy trinity of Greek metal – along with Rotting Christ and Septicflesh – Nightfall was the first extreme act in the country to sign an international deal, introducing the world to the burgeoning Mediterranean scene in the early 90's.

Gatefold Black Vinyl (limited edition to 250 copies).


1. Odious

2. Precious / All My Love Is Lost

3. As Your God Is Failing Once Again

4. Macabre Sunsets / Love Song For A Dead Soul

5. Bitterness Leads Me To My Savior Death

6. Mother Of All Gods, Mother Of Mine

7. Poetry Of Death

8. Enormous / The Anthem Of Death

9. As Your God Is Failing Once Again (Previous Version)

Band: Nightfall
Music Genre: Death Metal
Company: Season Of Mist