Katavasia - Magnus Venator (Coloured, Cyan Blue)

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Katavasia is a Greek black metal supergroup, featuring vocalist Stefan Necroabyssious, and guitarist, Achilleas C, members of legendary Greek black metal band Varathron. "Magnus Venator" features solid and stratight forward melodic black metal songs in the vein of the so-called Hellenic Black Metal scene.

Cyan Blue with Red Splatter Vinyl.


1. Daughters of Darkness

2. The Tyrant

3. Blood Be My Crown

4. Chthonic Oracle

5. Saturnalia Magnus Cult

6. Triumphant Fate

7. Sinistral Covenant

8. Hordes of Oblivion

9. Babylon (Sammu-Rawat)

Band: Katavasia
Music Genre: Black Metal
Company: Floga Records