Judas Priest - The Many Faces Of Judas Priest (Coloured, Yellow)

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"The Many Faces Of Judas Priest" celebrates the majesty of the British heavy metal band by delving into the band's past, present and future. LP1 includes tracks that feature appearances by members of Judas Priest and artists they've been involved with including Al Atkins (original vocalist), guitarist KK Downing and others. LP 2 is a tribute to the songs of the band, true anthems of the genre, that shows the remarkable songwriting skills they always had. The songs are performed by bands from different sub-genres within hard rock and metal, and features classics such as "Freewheel Burning", "You Got Another Thing Coming", "Hell Bent For Leather", "The Sentinel" and more.

Double Yellow Vinyl.

LP 2:

1.  Winter - Al Atkins (Original Singer of the Priest)

2.  S Violent Storm Feat. Kk Downing

3.  Coming Down - Sundance Feat. Alan Moore

4.  Victimas Del Rock - Tigres (Produced by Dave Holland)

5.  1066 - Hannibal (Produced by Rodger Bain)

6.  Annie New Orleans - Elf (Produced by Roger Glover)

7.  Getting Near to You - Glenn Hughes Feat. Dave Holland

8.  S Violent Storm Feat. Kk Downing

9.  A Tiempo - Tigres (Produced by Dave Holland)

10.  Look Upon Me - Hannibal (Produced by Rodger Bain)



1.  Freewheel Burning - Cage

2.  The Sentinel - Joel Hoakstra, Jason Mcmaster, Richard Kendri

3.  You Got Another Thing Coming - Iconic Tonic

4.  Breaking the Law - Wicked Sins

5.  Beyond the Realms of Death - Sin After Sin

6.  Screaming for Vengeance - Fierce Atmospheres

7.  Hell Bent for Leather - Jeffrey Marcello Feat. Derrick Lefev

8.  Metal Meltdown - Painkiller

9.  Electric Eye - Adventures of Leonid

10.  Devil's Child - Charlie Bonnett Iii

Band: Judas Priest
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Company: Montestella