Enslaved - Mardraum - Beyond The Within

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The 11 tracks on "Mardraum Beyond the Within" are both an artistic growth of Enslaved's early 90's, black metal inspired style and a good introduction to their experimental side, which has proved a success in their career thus far. It was released in 2000 sending shockwaves to the entire metal scene with its experimental, innovative approach. A timeless endeavour.

Gatefold White Vinyl.


1. Større enn tid - Tyngre enn natt

2. Daudningekvida

3. Entrance - Escape

4. Ormgard

5. Æges draum

6. Mardraum

7. Det endelege riket

8. Ormgard II - Kvalt i kysk høgsong

9. Krigaren eg ikkje kjende

10. Stjerneheimen

11. Frøyas smykke

Band: Enslaved
Music Genre: Avantgarde, Black Metal, Experimental
Company: Osmose Productions