Steel Arctus - Master Of War (Coloured, Blue)

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Steel Arctus is a heavy/epic metal band from Greece founded by Nash G. in 2020. The band is consisted of  four members : Nash G. on rhythm/lead guitars , Tasos Lazaris on vocals,
Strutter (Gus G. , Wardrum)  on bass and Xines on drums.
The debut album  ‘Fire and Blood’ was released in October 2020 under  Valve Studio Records  and it is about the adventures of the warrior Steel Arctus against evil forces on the
mountain of  Pindus. The album got great reviews and reactions all over the world.
The new album ‘Master of War’ will be released on April of 2023 from on a limited edition Blue vinyl.
It contains 10 crushing  Heavy/Epic Metal tracks with catchy choruses and heavy guitar riffs.
On this album Steel Arctus faces dark forces on the kingdom of Hades , but also faces himself. Hammer strikes again!
Blue Vinyl. Limited Edition to 300 copies.

1.Master Of War
2.Midnight Priest
3.Flames Of Hades
4.God Of Fire
5.Cry For Redemption
6.Glorious Days
7.Hear My Battlecry
8.Black Mountains
10.Cry For Redemption

Band: Steel Arctus
Music Genre: Epic Metal, Heavy Metal
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