Sinsid - Mission From Hell

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Fronted by former pro wrestler Terje S. Sidhu, SINSID is influenced by several styles of music, from blues and rock to metal, as well as
Viking and thrash just to mention a few. The band successfully manages to deliver a superb mix of “in your face” heavy metal, the kind that just might "KO" the listener! The catchy choruses are there, a somewhat nostalgic 80s metal sound with vocals that reek of denim and leather and plenty of fist-pumping, anthemic tunes!
Black Vinyl

1.Steel Riders
3.Sons of the North
4.Infernal Pit
5.Revenge by Death
6.Mission from Hell
7.Union Sign
8.Lost & Lonely

Band: Sinsid
Music Genre: Heavy Metal
Company: Pitch Black Records