Various - Nativity In Black (A Tribute To Black Sabbath)

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We could write a thousand words about this magnificent tribute record, as it is admittedly one of the most popular ones among tribute records. It went gold shortly after its release and it features some of the most noteworthy covers you'll listen to, in the entire genre. The Bullring Brummies, that take the term "metal supergroup" to an entirely new level (featuring Rob Halford from Judas Priest, Scott "Wino" Weinrich from the Obsessed and St Vitus, Fight guitarist Brian Tilse and Geezer Butler and Bill Ward from Black Sabbath themselves) perform "The Wizard", while Ozzy teams up with Therapy? on "Iron Man". Megadeth got a Grammy nom for the cover of "Paranoid" and Ministry's Al Jourgensen guests with 1000 Homo DJ's, as Bruce Dickinson joins forces with Godspeed! You Black Emperor in "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". Magnificent you said?

Double Black Vinyl


1. Biohazard - After Forever

2. White Zombie - Children of the Grave

3. Megadeth - Paranoid

4. 1000 Homo DJ’s - Supernaut

5. Ozzy Osbourne with Therapy? - Iron Man

6. Corrosion of Conformity - Lord of This World

7. Sepultura - Symptom of the Universe

8. Bullring Brummies - The Wizard

9. Bruce Dickinson with Godspeed - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

10. Ugly Kid Joe - N.I.B.

11. Faith No More - War Pigs (Live)

12. Type O Negative - Black Sabbath

Band: Various
Music Genre: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal
Company: Real Gone Music