Concrete Winds - Nerve Butcherer

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A bestial roar introduces us to a merciless storm of true extremity with a blinding instrumental array the force-feeds witnesses to a gritty and violent brand of punishing Metal in the archaic vein. Rampant riffs spew sepulchral dirt upon the unrelenting tempest of furious drum frenzy while the screeching and howling vocals only add more frenetic energy to the ungodly formula. Solos, well of course those are more abuse of the whammy bar and a fast successions of piercings notes than compositions per se, which fits the pure animalistic carnage of Concrete Winds like a spiked gauntlet. Those unfamiliar with this superb act will be greeted with totally hostile and old school Black-Death Metal that sits uncomfortably (yet gloriously) amongst the most violent purveyors of the genre.

Black Vinyl.


1. Nerve Butcherer

2. Chromium Jaws

3. Demonic Truculence

4. Industrial Mutilation

5. Noise Trepanation

6. Intravenous Doctrine

7. Flaying Internecine

8. Paroxystic Flagellator

9. Dissolvent Baptism

10. Astomatous Vomiting

Band: Concrete Winds
Music Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal
Company: Ván