Aherusia - NOCTOC ~ An Answer (?)

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Aherusia return with their 4th album, NOCTOC ~ An Answer (?), a collection of eleven irrational anthems, traditional songs and dances, from all over Greece, rearranged by the band and sequenced in such a way, so as to create a didactic parable through a loosely pieced but still coherent storyline.

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1. Αράπη Σούστα / Arab's Dance

2. Το Τσάμπασιν / Chabasin

3. Αγρίμια / Wild Beasts

4. Ερί Πάλι - Ικαριώτικος Παλαιός / Here We Sail Again - Old Ikariot Dance

5. Ανάθεμα Τον Αίτιο - Άντ'άμαν Παλικάρι / Cursed Is The One To Blame - When I Was Young

6. Παιδιά Της Σαμαρίνας / Έχε Γειά Καημένε Κόσμε - Sons Of Samarina - Fare Thee Well 

7. Μια Λυγερή Τραγούδαγε - Willow's Lament

Band: Aherusia
Music Genre: Folk Metal, Folk Rock
Company: Self-Released