Vagina Lips - Outsider Forever

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The album begins with the brightest track, ‘’I Don’t Want This Day to End’’, an ode to the grandeur and sincerity of love, with musical influences from Sarah Records. This is followed by ”Typical Standards”, an 80s rock song with unusual structure, as the chorus enters the middle of the song only once and the guitars, melodic as usual, do the ‘dirty’ job. Third in line the badass, “Let it Kill”. Dull cough, hoarseness, Talking Heads synths and influences from Viagra Boys’ style and groove. Accepting and embracing a personal reality not so pop, but grey and emotionally unstable. Last track on the first side is the homonymous “Outsider Forever”. Shoegaze riffs, the tambourine sets the rhythm, over-optimism, the outsider wants nothing, expects nothing, just does his part. First song on the second side of the vinyl is ”Watered by Our Own Tears ” featuring vocals by Annajo. The second love song of the album, aesthetically derived directly from his album ”Athanasia”. This is followed by “Scared of Life, Afraid of Death”, which, like the next two closing tracks of the album (“Dark Circles Under Blue Eyes”,”Today I’m Brave”), moves to more post punk and dark wave sounds.

“Outsider Forever” echoes the message that even in the most difficult times, even in the darkest days, there are always things to celebrate, a place to be brave and a place to love yourself. Disaster followed by despair but I celebrate the death of a misogynist/there’s still fire inside my eyes. there’s still life and there’s still time, today I’m brave, I’m lost but thrilled/it all feels like an endless ecstasy.

Black Vinyl.

Band: Vagina Lips
Music Genre: Indie Rock
Company: Inner Ear Records