Mr & Mrs Smooth - Over The Sky

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Mr & Mrs Smooth is a band that was formed in 2012 based in Thessaloniki and since then they have been appearing together in the city and all over Greece.
Mr & Mrs Smooth consists of Kostas Kallias (vocals, guitar) and Eva Nikitakis (vocals, percussion).
Over The Sky is their second record attempt which was released in digital format through FM Records, and on Digipack CD through
The disc includes 8 enchanting compositions with jazz, blues and swing influences.
CD Digipack.

1.Lonely Star
2.Two Little Things
3.Do't Make Me Feel So Sad
4.Cloudy Day
5.Over The Sky
6.Another Christmas Song
7.Swingin Waltz
8.Jazzy Blues

Band: Mr & Mrs Smooth
Music Genre: Blues, Jazz
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