PARADISE LOST: The Healing Through Years, So Obscured By The Tears, And The Strain…

PARADISE LOST: The Healing Through Years, So Obscured By The Tears, And The Strain…

PARADISE LOST: The healing through years, so obscured by the tears, and the strain…

One of the most influential bands in the history of the Extreme Metal idiom will occupy this tribute. A band attributed to the paternity of a very popular subspecies of the general Extreme Metal scene, which is sometimes closer to Doom Metal sound, sometimes to Death, sometimes as a marriage between these genres but certainly always full of large doses of melody, melancholy and Darkness, Gothic Metal.

We are talking of course about the big five from Halifax, England, the Shadowkings of Metal, the unique PARADISE LOST.

2020, the year that passed us, was a very difficult year for humanity, which was called to face unprecedented situations. On the contrary and as an ally in these difficult times, a confessed bloom for our favorite music, with many and good releases, so many that this generally bad year was really one of the most productive and full. In this orgasm of beautiful albums, the last effort of the British stood out, who released their really good new album "Obsidian". An album that gave smiles to the ranks of its fans and showed once again the reason why it is one of the most beloved bands, not only in our country but also in general. However, the year for PARADISE LOST did not end with the release of their new album, this was the beginning. 2020 was important for the band, because among other things, their most popular work, which may be the reason who ranked them among the elite of hard sound bands, was celebrating its twenty-fifth birthday. Of course, the "Draconian Times" birthday just could not pass indifferently and silently and so its re-release in a collectible and really beautiful version was expected, along with various other moves by the band, which duly celebrated the anniversary of this great album, such as new videos and edited versions of older clips, such as "Forever Failure".

Their lineup has remained remarkably stable for such a long-lived Metal band, consisting of singer Nick Holmes, guitarists Greg Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy, and bassist Steve Edmondson. Holmes and Mackintosh are the main composers, since almost all the songs of the band are their own creations. Over the years, the band has only changed drummers, since original member Matthew Archer was replaced in 1994 by Lee Morris. In March 2004, Morris also left the band. Jeff Singer replaced Morris and has played in all of their subsequent works, although he was not a regular member of the band until the release of the single "The Enemy" in 2007, followed by Adrian Erlandsson (2009-present) .

The first three full-length albums (although the last two also incorporate some melodic and Gothic elements) are considered to be the most representative examples of what we call the Death / Doom genre. However, with the creation of the albums "Icon" (1993) and "Draconian Times" (1995), PARADISE LOST became known as pioneers of the Gothic Metal subspecies. With the change in musical approach, singer Nick Holmes changed the way he sang. In the first three albums of the band he used death grunt, but from "Icon" onwards, his voice has a clearer sound. Until 1989, the band recorded some demo cassettes, and then signed with Peaceville Records for their first album "Lost Paradise" (recorded at Academy Studio). Their debut was well received by both the press and the fans. In November 1990, PARADISE LOST returned to Academy Studio to work on their second album. "Gothic" from 1991 (also in Peaceville) was decisive for the band, was described as "classic" and was highly rated by both fans and critics. With this album, the band pushed "gothic" to the metal scene and actually started Gothic Metal. PARADISE LOST signed with Music For Nations and in July 1992 released "Shades Of God". The album contained the song "As I Die", which was later released as a single / EP, and is now an "anthem" for the band 's fans.

PARADISE LOST returned in 1997 with a new look and style, surprising fans and critics. On the album "One Second" (1997) the band began experimenting with synth pop and electronic elements in the style of DEPECHE MODE. The album ended up being one of the band's most important releases, sweeping the German and Swedish top-10 charts and boosting the band's popularity everywhere except the UK. Although some of the band fans were disappointed, PARADISE LOST gained many new fans. The band later signed with EMI Electrola in Germany for their next album, "Host", released in 1999, in which they continued to experiment with new sounds that seemed to have eradicated their metal roots. For their next album, "Believe In Nothing" (2001), PARADISE LOST continued their synth direction, but adding rock elements to their music. In May 2002, the band signed with G.U.N. records for the album that followed, "Symbol Of Life", in which the metal roots of the band began to return.

The return to the roots for the band was completed with their eleventh album, "In Requiem" of 2007, followed by "Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us" (2009) and "Tragic Idol" (2012). "The Plague Within "(2015) showed the band's tendency to burden its sound even more, on almost pure Doom / Death trails, while "Medusa" (2017), had one of the most "dirty" and dark productions in their history, leading to the almost masterpiece "Obsidian" of 2020, which combines the modern style of the band with elements from their best for many times, that of "Icon" and "Draconian Times".

Of course, PARADISE LOST may be famous for the birth of Gothic Metal, but if anything makes them special, it is their refusal to compromise with a musical identity, a designation. During the years they are active, they have explored infinite paths with their music. Inside and outside the Metal sound regardless of idiom. They were challenged as few for some of their choices. But if one can not blame the band for something, it is the lack of originality. With unique changes in their composition in the position of drummer, they were original, dared, did it with passion and appetite and in the end history justified them. When their experiments were allowed to mature, like their audience, they showed their depth and value. We could not close this tribute without two references to two more features. One is their unique B-sides ... tracks that for other bands would be a flag, like the beautiful "Sweetness" for LOST did not find its way in a full length album ... The second, their covers. Without anchors, like the whole course of the band, they have covered song from THE SISTERS OF MERCY to DEAD CAN DANCE and really the songs they chose to cover became "their own".

PARADISE LOST is one of the most productive bands, so the time is not far when a new album will be in our hands. What direction it will probably have, they themselves do not even know yet. But it will certainly not go unnoticed, as no one has done so far.