Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry

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"Perfect Symmetry" is the fifth full-length album by the legendary American progressive metal band Fates Warning, as well as the most significant album in their discography, as this was the one that departed most stridently from their old sound and forged irrevocably into prog metal territory. Mark Zonder's unique approach to drumming adds another level of depth and credibility to the music with double bass, and lots of odd-times and there are a lot of catchy songs that provide insight into the band's future pop metal direction. Ray Alder's aggressive singing has a genuine quality, which allows him to legitimately convey his anger and pain without sounding clichéd. Overall a great album and a landmark in the lengthy Fates Warning history.

Black 180g Vinyl.


1. Part of the Machine

2. Through Different Eyes

3. Static Acts

4. A World Apart

5. At Fates Hands

6. The Arena

7. Chasing Time

8. Nothing Left to Say

Band: Fates Warning
Music Genre: Progressive Metal
Company: Metal Blade Records