Rotting Christ - Der Perfekte Traum EP (Coloured, Transparent Red)

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Having deviated from their black metal past, with the release of "A Dead Poem" (1997), Rotting Christ got back in action in 1999 with "Der Perfekte Traum" EP which was no less than the prelude for the equally unique "Sleep of the Angels" full album. In this endeavour of theirs, RC kept on with their then-newly established musical style, probably influenced by the rising atmospheric trend of the late 90's European metal scene.

Bizzare but interesting, "Der Perfekte Traum" (The Perfect Dream) is one of the first RC songs that made use of languages other than English and "Moonlight" makes you wonder why it never made it to a full album release, as it is a really magnificent song.

The rest of the EP features 5 exciting live editions of songs from their critically acclaimed "Triarchy of the Lost Lovers" album, which make this release a valuable collectible and a must-have for all RC fans.

Remastered by George Nerantzis, with a revised cover artwork by nurgeslag, "Der Perfekte Traum" will be available on September 3, in 666 copies (100 X clear vinyls exclusively from, 200 X transparent red vinyls and 366 X black vinyls).

Transparent Red Vinyl + Insert. Limited Edition to 200 copies.

Band: Rotting Christ
Music Genre: Black Metal
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