Helloween - Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Coloured, Pink)

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Helloween’s rapid success hit a brick wall when Kai Hansen decided to leave the band at the end of the 1988 world tour. Enter replacement guitarist Roland Grapow who took the bull by the horns and wrote two songs for this release. "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" was a victim of circumstance from the get-go. Kai Hansen, was not going to be on it, the strange title, and the bizarre photographic artwork on the cover (which was devoid of pumpkins, mythological figures, skeletons) and humorous tracks like "Heavy Metal Hamsters" (that made their first appearance in the Helloween discography) took their fan base by surprise, resulting in a very low sales rate for this unjustly criticized, magnificent release.

Pink-Black Splatter Vinyl.


1. Pink Bubbles Go Ape

2. Kids of the Century

3. Back on the Streets

4. Number One

5. Heavy Metal Hamsters

6. Goin' Home

7. Someone's Crying

8. Mankind

9. I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man

10. The Chance

11. Your Turn

Band: Helloween
Music Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Company: Noise Records