Andrzej Korzynski - Possession - OST

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The intended Possession score in its entirety marks an important axis in Andrzej Korzynski’s career where his various musical disciplines overlap. In one respect it marks his first forays into to synth driven electronics and disco drum machines, while other tracks epitomise the well honed techniques used in previous Zulawski scores, such as Third Part Of The Night and The Devil, which rely on his inimitable orchestral arrangements and combination of clavinet, Rhodes, piano and electric guitar.

Tape Cassette.


1. Possession: Intro

2. "State Of Perfect Harmony"

3. Anna Calls Mark

4. Helen's Intro

5. A.K. #1

6. Anna Takes A Beating

7. Looking Through Anna's Belongings

8. Mark & Anna Street Fight

9. Broken Foot

10. Chasing Anna

11. A.K. #2

12. "You're My Whole Family"

13. A.K. #3

14. "I Live With That Detective"

15. Mark & Helen In Bed

16. Anna Kills The First Detective

17. Reunion In Blood

18. Zimmermann Visits Anna

19. "Ying-Yang Balls Dangling From Your Zen Brain"

20. Heinrich Possessed

21. Mark "Eyes Wide Open"

22. Mark Possessed

23. "Drowning Dogs"

24. A.K. #4

25. Mark Kills Heinrich

26. "Take Me"

27. "Almost...Almost..."

28. Stairway To Heaven

29. Deathbed

30. A.K. #5

31. Motorbike Crash

32. Apocalypse

Band: Andrzej Korzynski
Music Genre: Soundtrack
Company: Ván