Sabaton - Primo Victoria RE-ARMED (Coloured, Blue)

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Sabaton doesn't need much introduction, the band has developed into the spearhead of power metal in more than 20 years of band history. Before Sabaton signed their contract with Nuclear Blast and released the album "Coat Of Arms", the band already had 4 albums under their belt: Primo Victoria (2005), Attero Dominatus (2006), Metalizer (2007) and The Art Of War (2008). These four albums are released as Re-Armed Vinyl reissues, each limited to 1000 copies.

Double Blue Vinyl.


1. Primo Victoria

2. Reign Of Terror

3. Panzer Battalion

4. Wolfpack

5. Counterstrike

6. Stalingrad

7. Into The Fire

8. Purple Heart

9. Metal Machine

10. The March To War

11. Shotgun

12. Into The Fire (Live In Falun 2008)

13. Rise Of Evil (Live In Falun 2008)

14. The Beast (Twisted Sister Cover)

15. Dead Soldier’s Waltz

Band: Sabaton
Music Genre: Power Metal
Company: Nuclear Blast