Solitary Sabred - Redemption Through Force (Coloured, Transparent Red)

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We proudly announce the vinyl release for two of the most magnificent pieces of metal music that ever came out of the island of Cyprus. This remarkable quintet combines elements taken from US power metal's finest, delivering a tornado of burning steel that leaves you slack-jawed in astonishment from the first to the last minute. Their sophomore full-length release, "Redemption Through Force", is the most primitive of the two albums, but also the one on which the originality of Solitary Sabred firstly shined. For the first time on vinyl, this heavy / power destroying-machine is a must-have for every fan of the genre, as well as for all melodic metal enthusiasts. On the other hand, their latest endeavour "By Fire & Brimstone" (2020), which also makes its appearance in vinyl format for the first time, is a landmark-release which definitely raises the standards for this most-promising Cypriot heavy metal rollercoaster and will be remembered even decades from now, when and if the band ceases to exist. Do not miss out on the opportunity to possess these masterpieces.

Transparent Red Vinyl. Limited edition to 250 copies.

Band: Solitary Sabred
Music Genre: Epic Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Company: Vinylstore