Criminal - Sacrificio (Coloured, Gold)

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Sacrificio is the ninth full length studio album from Chilean death / thrash act, Criminal. It's a twelve track bludgeoning that harks back to their roots - both literally and metaphorically. With a rich history behind them, and the future unwritten before them, CRIMINAL have delivered Sacrificio - an album that could only have been made by these four musicians at this point in time.

Gold Vinyl.


1. Live on Your Knees

2. Caged

3. The Whale

4. Zona de sacrificio

5. After Me, the Flood

6. Dark Horse

7. Theocrazy

8. Sistema criminal

9. Zealots

10. Age of Distrust

11. Hunter and the Prey

12. Ego Killer

Band: Criminal
Music Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Company: Metal Blade Records